It’s December, which means it’s party season, and it’s time to celebrate with No Pong! Christmas parties, summer festivals, New Year’s Eve and catch-ups with your favourite people. Pull out the prawns and crack open some refreshing bevvies!

But before you do, it’s time to get ready. This means applying a few quick swipes of No Pong to keep you smelling fresh through all the festive fun.

We know a lot of you have a nice little stash of your favourite No Pong scents to pick and choose from. And because we’re in the spirit of Secret Scenta, we’ve made a list of when and where you should wear some of your favourite No Pong scents. All of which are past and current Secret Scenta’s!

Spicy Chai Original or Spicy Chai Bicarb Free

This delicious scent just so happened to be our first-ever Secret Scenta. Fun fact, it was originally meant to resemble mulled wine but ended up a little more chai-esque. No complaints here!

When you’re feeling a little spicy, you know who to go to. It’s a great scent for a dinner out with friends or a movie night at home. It’s a more traditional festive scent that really gives you the warm and cosy holiday feels.

Flower Power Vegan

A picnic in the park, a fun garden party or a backyard BBQ, Flower Power is great for a delightful day outdoors. Your friends may even mistake the lovely scent coming from your pits for the flowers in the garden. Just give them a quick wink and let them know what they’re missing out on.

This delightful scent was our 2020 Secret Scenta!

Cool Lavender Vegan

Maybe you’ve finally found time to get in for a relaxing spa treatment, a little bit of self-care at home or a beachside getaway. Cool Lavender is perfect for setting a calm and relaxing feel for the day ahead.

That beautiful, subtle scent of lavender is enough to make you a breath of fresh air for anyone who happens to catch a whiff. 

Cool Lavender just so happens to have been our 2021 Secret Scenta.

Secret Scenta 2022 – Limited Edition

It’s zesty, invigorating and oh-so refreshing, which just so happens to make this year’s Secret Scenta perfect for the Aussie summer. Wear this limited-edition mystery scent for fun in the sun, and let it get you in the mood to sink your toes into the sand with a refreshing drink in hand.

Our 2022 Secret Scenta is sure to delight your nostrils this December!

Now that you’ve got some refreshing inspo for your fun and festivities, we know you’ll be ready to take on the day, wherever it takes you. Either way, you can celebrate with No Pong!

You’ll find the ingredients for each No Pong scent mentioned above here. And if you’re yet to try them, you can grab one here.

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