All No pong formulations are clinically tested!

Not only is No Pong all natural, it’s a clinically tested deodorant!

We set out to make No Pong to be the most effective, affordable deodorant humanly possible. Although clinical testing is not a requirement in Australia, we take a scientific approach to developing, and testing our products.

While we have incredible feedback from our amazing customers, it’s great to be able to back this with independent testing.

There are actually 5 main types of clinical tests that all three of our formulations – Original, Bicarb-Free, and Low-Bicarb Vegan – have gone through. We’ll take you through the tests and the actual results here!

Deodorant Efficacy (Effectiveness) testing is literally a sniff test, performed by a lab.

While we have done hundreds of sniff tests ourselves, have thousands upon thousands of reviews, and much more again in terms of direct customer feedback – hey, at the end of the day, we wouldn’t release a product that didn’t do what it says on the tin 😉 – it’s great to have a lab confirm No Pong’s effectiveness clinically.

Our sniff test was administered at 12hrs and again at 24hrs, with excellent results. We think the real-world results from our amazing customers speak for themselves, but No Pong is also “clinically proven” to reduce odour for up to 24 hours.

No Pong Original Deodorant Efficacy Test Results
No Pong Bicarb Free Deodorant Efficacy Test Results
No Pong Low Bicarb Vegan Deodorant Efficacy Test Results

HRIPT stands for Human Repeat Insult Patch Test. This is a clinical test performed by independent clinics that specialise in these kinds of tests.

In this test, product is applied to a number of test subjects and placed under a patch for 48hrs. 15mins after the patch is removed, and then again at 24hrs the application area carefully examined in order to evaluate skin reactions.

In the real world, we understand that everyone’s skin is different, which is why we offer three formulations: our Original bicarb-based deodorant, our Low-Bicarb Vegan, and Australia’s original Bicarb-Free.

Each person’s skin is unique, and external factors (such as the soap you use) can determine what product will work best for you.

No Pong Original HRIPT Test Results
No Pong Bicarb Free HRIPT Test Results
No Pong Low Bicarb Vegan HRIPT Test Results

This is another form of skin sensitivity testing that uses a test sample applied to a synthetic membrane designed to mimic human skin. The membrane is composed of proteins, glycoproteins, lipids and partitioned in a way that is designed to represent skin. While it’s not a test on real human skin, it is another tool in the clinical testing toolkit

No Pong Original In-Vitro Product Test Results
No Pong Bicarb Free In-Vitro Product Test Results
No Pong Low Bicarb Vegan In-Vitro Product Test Results

Challenge Testing or Preservative Efficacy Testing is conducted by inoculating a sample of product with bacteria, and seeing what grows! This test helps to establish shelf-life, as it helps estimates microbial growth over time.

When you see “Artificial preservatives” added to a product, they are most likely added to help products pass this test.

In the case of No Pong, our ingredients create a naturally preserved product that does not need any artificial preservatives!

No Pong Original Challenge Test Results
No Pong Bicarb Free Challenge Test Results
No Pong Low Bicarb Vegan Challenge Test Results

Stability Testing is a test that measures any changed in the density, odour and texture of a product over time.

Samples of the products are kept at a range of temperatures from 4ºC, 25ºC to 40ºC for 3 months days as part of an “accelerated aging” process to see how the product’s overall stability performs across a variety of conditions. They’re then centrifuged, density and odour tested and inspected for any changes versus the control samples.

No Pong Original Stability Test Results
No Pong Bicarb Free Stability Test Results
No Pong Low Bicarb Vegan Stability Test Results