Where is No Pong made?

No Pong was Founded in Australia in 2015, and each tin of No Pong is proudly Made In Australia with LOVE! ❤️❤️❤️

Do you offer samples or discounts?

We believe that great, effective, natural products should be affordable for everyone and we promise to always keep our products priced this way.

This also includes the shipping costs we charge to customers, which doesn’t actually cover the full cost to us.  However, it’s important to us as an online-focused business that we are able to ship cost-effectively.

For this reason, we don’t offer discounts or free samples.

Can I send our tins back to be re-filled?

We are really conscious of having a sustainable approach to waste.  We have tested some refillable sachets for our monthly subscription, but these were plastic pouches and we don’t want to use plastic anywhere in our packaging.  To date, we haven’t been able to source any paper based products that would be suitable.

We have had some customers ask if they could send them back for a refill, but this would require us to sterilise them and in practice wouldn’t work.

That said, we are really big on re-use and recycling.  If an item can be re-used right away, in our view this can be even better than recycling, as it doesn’t require the energy or cost to reprocess it into something new.

Our tins make great handy containers for earphones, jewellery when travelling, bobby pins and those other odds and ends that never seem to have a home 🏡  As you can imagine we have tins all over the place that we’ve re-used and put labels on!

Is No Pong the most super-awesomest deodorant ever?!

We can’t say for sure, but some of our amazing customers definitely think it is!

Huge thanks to all of you amazing people that support us, keep us busy, and get us up in the morning to do what we do.

Check out some of our latest reviews on this page to help decide for yourself – www.nopong.com.au/products/ 👉

Still can’t find what you’re looking for?

If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, drop us a note via our contact page here. Remember to be nice – we’re people too! 💕