Looking for the best natural deodorant? Look no further!

What is the best natural deodorant on the planet? Well we think you’re in the right place and your life is about to change – and that’s not just a line.

When No Pong founders, Melanie and husband Chris left for a surf trip to Indonesia, they never could’ve imagined the trail of discarded deodorant they were about to leave in their wake!

While on that tropical island, Melanie made a discovery that’s turned into a fast growing business health-conscious mums (and their friends and family) can’t get enough of.

How did this all start?

While on holiday in Indonesia, sweating it out in temps of up to 40°C, husband Chris ran out of deodorant.

While most wives would run to the nearest store to grab a roll-on or stick deodorant as fast as possible, instead, Melanie gave Chris some of her homemade deodorant. It was a cream she’d been using for the last year after being disappointed when other natural alternatives to antiperspirant left her feeling less than fresh.

A few days later to her surprise, Melanie noticed that even though Chris had been wearing the same shirt 3 days in a row in the hot and humid weather, he didn’t stink!

Just a few years later, Melanie’s homemade deodorant has become a multi-award winner. It’s also been named Australia’s #1 best natural deodorant by Who magazine.

Read on to discover 9 reasons why health-conscious mums are happily throwing out their natural deodorant and replacing it with this magical little tin aptly named “No Pong”

1. It’s 100% free of Questionable ingredients you don’t want or need on your body. 

No chemicals, parabens, dyes, or questionable ingredients. Just earthy goodness like coconut oil, beeswax, lemongrass, vanilla, and cedarwood. It’s so natural you could eat it (if you really wanted to).

2.  It’s rooted in proven science.

Melanie, who has a background in neuropsychology and midwifery, spent years poring over the research, testing ingredients, and reinventing deodorant as we know it to create what she believes is the best natural deodorant on the planet.  We’ve replaced chemicals, aluminium, plastic, and animal testing with a fair alternative that’s sweat resistant and ridiculously effective (even in tropical heat).

No Pong is also clinically proven to be extremely effective for 12 hours and still very effective for 24 hours. This independent lab test didn’t really tell us anything we didn’t know, but it does validate all our hard work testing and formulating.

3. Hundreds of thousands of customers who’ve tried it LOVE it.

No Pong has already passed the smell test of thousands with flying colours. In fact, it’s the most reviewed natural deodorant on Facebook in all of Australia.  Natural mums around the world can’t stop!

4. It flat-out WORKS. Guaranteed.

Unlike some deodorants that mask B.O., No Pong destroys smelly bacteria before it starts so you stay fresh from morning to evening! In fact, Melanie and Chris are so confident this stuff does what it says on the tin that they back it up with a “B.O.-Free Guarantee.”  If No Pong doesn’t eliminate your B.O. and leave you smelling fresh all day, we’ll gladly give you back all your money.  No questions asked.

5.  It’s oddly affordable

Most organic type products come with a “natural tax.” But Chris and Melanie are determined to make high-quality, ultra-effective natural deodorant accessible to everyone.  That’s why you won’t see us run many special discounts because we aim to keep No Pong affordable year-round.

6. It’s the only thing we’re excellent at!

You won’t find 15 different lotions, potions, and deodorants for sale here. This Aussie couple set out to do one thing and one thing really well:  Make awesome deodorant you can feel good about.  Based on the 1700+ positive Facebook reviews and 500,000+ units sold with just 2 SKUs, you’d have to say they’re results worth trying out for yourself.

7. It’s easy (and kinda fun) to apply

Simply apply a pea-sized amount of this super soft paste like a lotion or cream. It might seem weird at first, but you’ll get used to it.  Due to the way you apply No Pong, our customer recently detected a lump in her armpit (it was benign, thank goodness!).  She thanks Chris and Melanie because she wouldn’t have found it if she were using a regular spray or roll on.


Ever noticed how much plastic you use each day?  No Pong is helping cut down on waste as the only deodorant in Australia or Canada that comes in a 100% aluminium-free, reusable, recyclable tin.  We’ve seen lots of happy customers turn their tin into a cute headphones holder for easy travel!

9. Made for everyone

Don’t be surprised when your husband and man-child keep stealing your deodorant. It’s that effective. Plus, it comes in a fresh, gender-neutral scent as well as a low-fragrance, sodium bicarbonate-free formula for those with sensitive skin so you can easily convert the whole fam!

No Pong might not help you win the lottery, but it has changed some of our customer’s lives.

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