If you’re new to the world of natural deodorant you may be wondering how well they work. Of course, no one wants to risk the dread of deodorant that doesn’t work, leaving them pongy all day!

Let’s look at how natural deodorant works to help bust a move on B.O.!

How It Stops Bad Smells

There are a number of ingredients in natural deodorant that help to give odour the good old one-two.

The first are Bicarb (Sodium Bicarbonate) and Magnesium Hydroxide. These ingredients work by raising the pH in your underarms, creating an environment that odour-causing bacteria struggle to survive in. Keeping the B.O. away and giving you a fresh scent all day.

The next are Oils and Waxes. Because No Pong is oil based and not water based, it doesn’t wash away when you sweat. The natural oil and waxes used in our products not only give them their beautiful, creamy texture but they also help keep the Bicarb and/or Magnesium Hyrdroxide right where it’s intended. Helping you feel fresh all day!

Natural Fragrances

As opposed to the artificial fragrances found in many traditional deodorants, natural deodorant typically uses a variety of organic essential oils to create their often subtle, but fresh scents.

Artificial fragrances are a mix of various chemicals, commonly derived from petroleum and crude oils. Giving cosmetic products a pleasant smell. These types of fragrances can sometimes cause sensitivity, particularly in people with sensitive skin and sensitive noses that don’t appreciate strong artificial scents.

Natural botanical fragrances of organic essential oils come from plants. Providing a subtle, yet refreshing scent in popular products like moisturisers, body oils and natural deodorants. Some common essential oils in natural deodorants, such as No Pong, include orange sweet, vanilla, lemongrass, cedarwood atlas, bergamot, lime, frankincense, ylang-ylang, and geranium. 

Essential oils are a great addition to natural deodorant and help to keep you smelling fresh all day long. 

Natural Deodorant and Sweat

When switching to aluminium-free deodorant, there are a number of things to expect during the transition – like increased sweating. 

Aluminium-based deodorants stop sweating by temporarily blocking our underarm pores and sweat glands with aluminium-based compounds. So when you stop using these products, you may temporarily sweat a little more than before. Which is totally normal and good for your body!

While No Pong’s ingredients work hard to fight odour-causing bacteria at the source and keep you smelling fresh, you may notice some extra sweating when first making the switch. Because your armpits were previously blocked by the aluminium-based compounds in antiperspirant, your may find your body may sweat more initially. In our experience, and in that of many of our customers this usually decreases over time, as your underarm pores adjust to their new-found freedom. 8 years on, and we find we actually sweat less in our armpit area now, than we did when we used anti-perspirants.

There are also some good habits you can adopt that also help combat sweat while using an aluminium-free deodorant. Whether it’s by wearing loose, breathable fabrics such as cotton and bamboo or skipping the morning coffee. 

Before you know it, you’ll be tackling the day fresh and B.O free!

You can explore No Pong’s list of ingredients here and reach out to us at customerlove@nopong.com.au with any questions you have about our natural deodorant range.

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