You know that feeling of comfort you get when sliding into a bed with fresh linen or a warm hug from a loved one? It’s that simple, safe and secure feeling that just puts us at ease. That’s how we’d describe No Pong Fragrance Free Vegan!

Now hear us out…

We know deodorant isn’t quite the same as your number one love…your bed, of course! But we do know it’s not easy to find the one that has your back through it all. Like daily underarm sensitivity and the times when you’re going on a day-long hike, on a first date or to a job interview. Sweat-inducing stuff!

Why We Love It

It’s important for those of you who experience skin sensitivity to bicarb based deodorants in general, or scent-sitivity to have an effective natural deodorant option. You need your trusted sidekick to give B.O. the boot!

There are also times when our skin can be extra sensitive, like when we experience changes in hormones or changes in our climate (humidity). Our pits can be in great need of a supportive friend!

That’s where No Pong Fragrance Free Vegan joins the party. We designed this to be a fragrance free, low bicarb (sodium bicarbonate) formula, with added Vitamin E. We wanted a product in our range that was made for people more sensitive bicarb and fragrances, or who find that our bicarb-free formulation isn’t quite strong enough or still has too much fragrance , have a product for them.

That said, it’s become one of our go-to formulas that’s quickly become a favourite at No Pong HQ! We’re also not forgetting those of you who prefer not to wear scented deodorant. We see you and have added fragrances to this formula with our new Cool Lavendar and Flower Power products, which are now right up there among our best selling products!

So, if you’ve tried our other formulas, particularly No Pong Original, and finding it’s not quite right for you, or you prefer a scent-free formula, we highly recommend giving Fragrance Free Vegan a try. 

You can check out the full list of ingredients in No Pong Fragrance Free Vegan here.

If you don’t love it, just contact our amazing Customer Love team, and they’ll be happy to assist you with choosing a different No Pong formula or refunding your order.

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