All Natural Can Be Just As Effective

No Pong PressWe smell because we sweat. But not just any sweat. The milky sweat secreted by our apocrine glands, found in hairy areas like our groin and armpits, is a veritable smorgasbord for the bacteria that cause armpit odour.

Rather than mask the smell, block pores, or by using synthetic anti-microbial chemicals, No Pong uses all natural ingredients to create a water-resistant environment that smelly armpit bacteria can’t survive.

No Pong is:
– Effective for over 12 hours
– Tested in tropical heat and strenuous exercise – Effective high stress situations.

In fact we’ve tested No Pong in the hot yoga studio, trekking through mountains, and even whilst giving emergency medical care at the hospital and universally the results are the same – No Pong!

People are often surprised to find that No Pong is so effective for such prolonged periods but it’s really science, combined with the right all-natural tools for the job that make it uniquely effective.

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Natural, Affordable and Convenient

No Pong PressMany all natural products come with a price premium, sometimes up to 50% more than their everyday competitors.

At No Pong, we believe that effective, all natural products should be both affordable and convenient, and we pledge to always keep our products in-line with that philosophy.

To achieve this, we’ve set up No Pong as an
online focused business, with the lowest possible overheads and the absolute lowest postage costs possible.

While some online products charge shipping of over $7.45 for postage for a single item, our base shipping is $3.00. This means a customer can get No Pong delivered to their door for under $9.00

On top of that, our $7.95 No Pong Monthly Club is the most cost efficient and convenient all natural way to smell fresh that we know of. No commitments, no more to pay!

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About Us

No Pong was founded in May 2015, by Melanie McVean and Chris Caley – Science, marketing and healthcare professionals that believe in an active, healthy, outdoors lifestyle, and KNOW SWEAT!

Whether it’s running a marathon, hiking a mountain to snowboard down, endless trekking in the tropics to find deserted beaches, or just suiting up to go to the office on a 30C day, sweat is a part of our everyday lives.

We couldn’t function without some kind of deodorant but the notion of unnecessarily putting strong chemicals on sensitive areas of skin, right near our glands and breasts, didn’t really make any sense.

We developed No Pong as an extremely effective, all natural alternative to over-the-counter deodorants, and since launch have seen a ground- swell of customers, and growing every day.

From humble beginnings, we now over 20,000 Facebook fans, and tens of thousands of brilliant customers.

No Pong: Making Australia a fresher place, one armpit at a time.

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