Monash University

Monash University Biological Society in Victoria is a club that supports students in the biological sciences and promotes environmentally friendly activities. We donated products for their trivia nights at Orientation Week. They love how No Pong tins cut down on plastics and is a good, ethical product.

Greenhills Primary School

One of our amazing customers from Greenhills Primary School asked us to donate towards their Trivia Night to keep making the Greenhills experience GREAT for all 517 students and their families. GREAT is their core values which stand for Grit, Respect, Effort, Adventure and Teamwork.

Oxley high School

We provided products for Mother’s Day Baskets to one of our amazing customers, who is a student at Oxely High School. We helped them raise money for Little Wings, a not-for-profit organisation that flies sick children out of remote or rural areas into big cities to receive the treatment they deserve.

Parkes East Public School

We had a blast donating awesome products to Parkes East Public School! They were added to a fantastic gift basket at their yearly fete auction. Our contribution not only added excitement to the event but also played a role in funding future goodies for the school and its amazing students!